Moves Up To A Signature Business Address At The Rajdarbar Spaces “Global Foyer - The Crown In The Jewel” Of Millennium City

By: Rajdarbar Realty || 10 June 2019

While not among the heavyweight names in the realty spaces relatively unknown names, Rajdarbar Realty stands atop the summit of Real Estate Development across India. Renowned for ushering in Global standards into Indian real estate, Rajdarbar Realty has emerging as one of the largest and only backward integrated real estate players in the country. Its reputation as global benchmarked quality is unparalleled and its, customer centric approach hard to replicate. Rajdarbar Realty stands poised as the leader of the pack in North India by melding robust engineering, in-house research, uncompromising business ethics, timeless values and transparency with relentless striving to deliver customer delight.

Standing unassailably as the leader of Real Estate Development, Rajdarbar Realty has delivered impeccable Commercial and Residential projects all over north India like Global Foyer Golf-Course Road Gurgaon, Global Foyer Palam Vihar; Rajdarbar Spaces (Formerly known as Global Spaces) in Hisar, Agra, Sirsa; and Global Spaces in Karnal .Infact its crown jewel in Gurgaon the Global Foyer has transformed the Millennium city with a crème de la crème corporate destination replete with multiple facets.

Gurgaon, or officially Gurugram, is already world renowned as certified harbour for many Gen-Next entrepreneurs and as an ideal location for evolution of brands. With the influx of the Forbes 100 foreign companies the millennial city already has gained the status of must have corporate address. Rajdarbar Realty- headed by Mr Rakesh Kumar Garg- a visionary entrepreneur felicitated by India’s leading light - former President Abdul Kalam- - a well diversified Conglomerate with interest spanning across Real Estate, SEZ, Finance, Commodity, CSR, Dairy & Information Technology has added a crown jewel in the form of global Foyer


Rajdarbar has extended the limits of luxury shopping with inimitable exclusivity, space and aesthetics in the form of renowned luxury mall-the GLOBAL FOYER. It has launched living luxury in commercial spaces that melds bespoke premium shopping experience, lifestyle products that redefine luxury living along with crème de la crème services all showcased under the same roof.


GLOBAL FOYER has elevated haute living luxuries to be reflected as part of global fashion high spots ensconced in tasteful, sublime and sophisticated ambience where the HNI’s enjoy spending. GLOBAL FOYER is poised as the platform for ultra luxury fashion names - and the concomitant luxury at the Global Foyer reflects it in all respects. The shopping experience epitomizes elegance and haute living - presenting an ultimate showcase in fashion and high living style choices. GLOBAL FOYER offers the crème de la crème the happening trends in global fashion with a dazzling array of names from haute couture to hottest signature designers. GLOBAL FOYER itself is becoming synonymous with fashion for fashionoholics and denizens of the haute living style


GLOBAL FOYER offers a signature business address in its commercial spaces too. It traverses the entire spectrum of demand by presenting office address for high quality office statement. Anyone wishing to make a brand statement and build brands can make an emphatic statement with the next wave of commercial spaces in the Millennial City. As a seamless experience between workspace & leisure spaces - it finds few parallels and is positioned as the landmark address for the professionals and the businessmen - who can now seamlessly move between business and leisure amidst an ambience of elegant sophistication.


The business lounge provides the perfect backdrop to your relaxation and amalgamates after hours. The city skyline and the bustling skyscraper inspire as you ensconce yourself into the city's finest urban elegance. The meticulously sculpted terrace garden implores you to unwind for the exciting nightlife ahead. It becomes your oasis high up in the sky as you envelop yourself with the finest pleasures available- anywhere in the world. At the lounge, an array of facilities and services beckon as you luxuriate into the ultimate in leisure lifestyle. It calls you to celebrate, entertain or just be happy to mingle as you invite friends for that very special occasion.
The innumerable seating alcoves, abundant tables for gaming - Reading, listening - take your pick and light up the evenings at the Business Lounge!


Celebrate life as you race to the dizzying heights around the world Global Foyer's F&B at the second level tantalizes everyone with novel, new-to-market concepts, celebrity chefs whipping up inimitable creations in a food hall that sends your taste buds in a tizzy with the largest variety of cuisines. All these are accompanied by the finest offerings!!

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